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XOLO is an Indian smart phone brand launched in early 2012. The head office of XOLO is located in Noida, India. It manufactures and re-brands smart phones, tablets, and mobile accessories.

XOLO started with the launch of XOLO X900 in April 2012, the world’s first smartphone with Intel processor. XOLO was also the first Indian manufacturer to partner with AMD to launch the XOLO Win Tablet. Recently, XOLO launched the first 4G smartphone in India. On January 6, 2014, Liverpool FC announced XOLO as its first regional partnership in India.

Its products include Play Tegra (tablet, 2014), Xolo Q700S (smartphone, 2014), Xolo Q1000 Opus (smartphone, 2014) andXolo Q2000 (smartphone, 2013).

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