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Digital Measuring Tools

Rs. 5,555 Rs. 6,700  
Bosch - Multi Material Detector - GMS 120 Specifications: Pinpoint indication of the object’s centre with the “Center Finder” scale Better visibility of the result due to illuminated display Ma rking hole with LED luminous ring Features:...
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Rs. 6,899 Rs. 8,000  
Bosch - Professional Line Lazer - GLL 2X Specifications: Laser diode 630-670 nm, < 1 mW Laser class 2 Working range...
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Rs. 12,499 Rs. 15,000  
Bosch - Optical Level - GOL 26 D - Professional Specifications: Target collimator for rough alignment Penta prism makes it easy to read the circular vial Large focusing knob for easy alignment Fast aperture for a sharp image of the target (measuring...
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Rs. 13,999 Rs. 16,000  
Bosch - Point Lazer - GPL 5 Professional Specifications: Horizontal, and cross-line mode Light weight and highly compact size Multifunctional wall mount Features: Laser diode 635 nm, < 1...
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Rs. 4,100 Rs. 12,000  
Bosch - Laser Range Finder 40 MTR - DLE 40 Technical Specifications Weight w/o accessories 0.18 Kg Power Rating 1.5 V...
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Rs. 33,399 Rs. 35,000  
Bosch - Surface Lazer For Floor Leveling - GSL 2 Specifications: GSL2 features at a Glance Rotation speed is 0.3-1 RPM The working range is up to 65-feet Up to 15-hours run time Motorized rotary base and versatile battery operation...
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Rs. 36,999 Rs. 45,000  
Bosch - Laser Level - GLL 3-80 Bosch GLL 3-80 Laser Level Bosch’s GLL3-80 three-plane leveling and alignment line laser provides a comprehensive level and alignment solution without any rotating motors. It has two 90-degree cross points located at...
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Rs. 13,199 Rs. 15,000  
Bosch - Professional Tile Lazer - GTL 3 Specifications: Mount Type: Universal Base Type: Standard w/magnetic attachment Class Rating: Class II...
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Rs. 2,299 Rs. 2,400  
Bosch - Building Tripod - BS 150 Features: The Bosch BS 150 Camera Style Compact Tripod with Detachable Mounting Base allows the user to work at 3 different heights ranging from 20-Inches to 58-Inches with precise height adjustability. With collapsible...
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