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Angle Grinders

Rs. 3,199 Rs. 4,160  
Skil - Bench Grinder - 3000 Specifications: No-load speed: 2800 - 3400 rpm Rated power input: 250 W...
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Rs. 2,699 Rs. 4,686  
Bosch - Angle Grinder 4 inch 670W - GWS 6 - 100 Features: Flat gear head for working in tight spaces Armoured coils that protect the motor against sharp grinding dust Anti-rotation protective guard – easily adjustable, provides reliable protection...
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Rs. 4,550 Rs. 5,733  
Bosch - Angle Grinder 5 inch Variable Speed - GWS 850 CE Features: Smooth start, starting current limitation, temperature-dependent overload protection Protective guard quick adjustment Coding and axial locking of the safety guard Safety...
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Rs. 8,199 Rs. 10,725  
Bosch - Angle Grinder - GWS 14-125 CI Functions: Starting current limitation Champion motor Constant Electronic Direct cooling KickBack Stop Smooth start Locking system Overload protection Anti-rotation protective...
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Rs. 8,199 Rs. 9,000  
Bosch - Die Grinder 3 - GGS 3000 L Specifications: Robust 300W motor for durable lifetime Rated speed of 26,000 rpm for fast job Two-motion side switch for one-hand operation and maximum safety No-load speed...
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