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Jaquar | Sanitaryware | Opal | Wall Hung - WC Size (mm) 400X360X575 OPS-WHT-0116

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Jaquar | Sanitaryware | Opal | Wall Hung - WC Size (mm) 400X360X575 OPS-WHT-0116

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You can now select from a wide collection of sanitaryware and coordinate them with Jaquar’s exquisite range of Faucets and Accessories that are designed to create awe inspiring bathroom interiors. With modern and timeless designs, Jaquar Sanitaryware is the latest addition to the Jaquar bathing collection that brings coordinated dècor to your bath spaces.

Minimum quantity for "Jaquar | Sanitaryware | Opal | Wall Hung - WC Size (mm) 400X360X575 OPS-WHT-0116" is 1.

Jaquar Sanitaryware Opal Wall Hung - WC Size (mm) 400X360X575 OPS-WHT-0116


sanitary-feature_1.jpgNo-Bacteria Zone

  • It forms a strong hydrophobic shield which prevents the build-up of bacteria and germs.
  • Ideal for Indian humid weather conditions.
  • Renders the surface durable and highly repellent to dirt, oils and liquids.
  • Dirt simply slides off the surface, thus preventing staining.
  • Facilitates easy removal of hard water deposits.
  • Remains cleaner for longer.
  • With Anti-germ coating, you can now use a gentle bathroom cleaner, instead of a harsh,
    acid - based one. This means your water pipes and drains are not subject to harsh acid
    based cleaners. This extends the life of your water pipes and drains.
sanitary-feature_2.jpgClean and Odour-free WCs
  • The interior portion of the traps of water closets are glazed.
  • Ensures the trap does not collect dirt or gives out odour.
  • Prevents dirt from sticking inside the trap.
  • Facilitates easy flushing and waste removal.
  • Ensures clean and odour - free bathroom.
sanitary-feature_3.jpgEasy Installation
  • Flatness of parts getting fixed to the wall.
  • No gaps between the wall, floor and the fitting portions of the sanitarywares.
  • Perfect fitting for a perfect look.
sanitary-feature_4.jpgSoft Closing Seats
  • Load bearing capacity of over 150 Kg (seat cover and bushes).
  • Shape and texture of the seats unaffected by temperature variations.
  • Does not absorb room temperature therefore the seats are neither too hot nor too cold to touch.
  • Surface is resistant to stains and strong dyes.
  • Does not deform or peel-off with use.
  • Special buffer oil is used in the hinges for lasting functionality.
  • Soft-close action to eliminate noise of falling of the cover. This is guaranteed for 2 years.
  • Adjustable speed of falling of the cover within a range of 1 to 15 seconds.

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