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SaleStruck Beer Bubbler and Wine Aerator Gadget - Pro

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Turn Bottled or Canned Beer into Draught Beer. Enjoy smoother wine with our handy wine aerator.

- Enjoy draught beer at home

- Your own micro brewery

- Works with 2 AAA batteries

- Unlimited draught beer and wine

- Enjoy smooth and silky wine

- Improves aroma

- Improves flavour

Enjoy draught beer at home

Your own micro brewery

Cash on Delivery

6 Months Replacement Warranty


SaleStruck Beer & Wine Gadget Pro


STEP 1 - Install the gadget on beer bottle or canned beer

STEP 2 - Pour beer in the following ratio - 7:3, (i.e 70% Beer & 30% Foam)

STEP 3 - Turn on the button. To start the draught beer process.

STEP 4 - Enjoy your beer with improved Flavour and Aroma.


STEP 1 - Install the gadget on a bottle of red wine

STEP 2 - Turn on the button and see the magic.

STEP 3 - Enjoy smooth and silky wine right at home.

Product Description

After popular demand, we have launched a new version of Beer & Wine Gadget, specially Made for India.

Meet Beer Bubbler and Wine Aerator Gadget V2, your beer and wine buddy Pro.

This is a 3-in-1 pocket-sized gadget that uses state-of-art ultrasonic technology designed to change your drinking experience and change the way you think about beer and wine. It improves the taste and aroma of your regular beer and wine.

This device uses ultrasonic technology to activate beer ingredients such as hops and malts by accelerating their internal molecular process, to create a rich aroma and creamy beer flavour.

With a touch of a button, this system injects tiny bubbles into the beer as it is poured, and turns your bottled beer into draught beer from the tap, using our ultrasonic technology.

Works with:

- Canned Beer & Bottled Beer,

- Red Wine.

How does the device work?

With Beer:

Our technology activates beer ingredients such as hops and malts by accelerating their intermolecular process. This system is designed to change the taste and texture of your beer, by releasing its flavour and aroma.

With Wine:

Our system is designed to aerate your red wine by enhancing its flavour and scent, bouquet and aroma. If you’d like your wine to be softer, our handy aerator will do it in minutes.

SaleStruck Beer Bubbler and Wine Aerator is made from High Quality Aluminium Alloy, and has a luxurious feel to it. Carry it around with you in a special pouch. Enjoy at home, parties or on-the-go!

Directions For Use

SaleStruck Beer Bubbler and Wine Aerator our portable mini-brewery is simple to use plug and play device. That works with beer and wine. Place the bottle on a table and insert the device in the bottle neck till it is fastened firmly. Different bottle necks will have different firmness while inserting.

For Beer!

Tip: The optimal temperature of beer is 4C-6C. Beer that is not moderately cold, will make more foam while pouring.
Place the beer inside the refrigerator, not on the door.

Please make sure the machine and the bottle neck are installed properly before pouring.

Please do not press the switch at once, first obliquely pour the beer along the side of glasses.

After pouring 70% of the beer, set it down in place and press the switch to turn on the LED light.

Please pour the beer foam along the side of glass while the LED light is on.

For Wine!

Tip: Young wine, heavy bodied wine and highly tannic wine. Most of the red wines get a different flavor after decanting

Different types of wines have different optimal temperature for drinking. The general principle is, white wine is suitable at slightly cooler temperatures than red wine. The suitable drinking temperature of red wine is 15C-18C, while that of white wine is 6C-10C.

After the machine and the bottle are installed properly, press the switch and make sure LED light is on.

Pour the wine along the glasses when the LED light is on, and it will decant instantly while flowing through the machine.

The machine starts working when the switch is pressed once and stops working when it is pressed again. It will automatically switch off after running for 20 seconds.


6 months hassle free warranty. The warranty is effective for 6 months from date of purchase. Warranty card and invoice need to be submitted for claiming warranty

Draught from the tap! Right at home!

SaleStruck Beer Bubbler and Wine Aerator Gadget Pro is constructed from exceptional materials which give it a luxurious feel.


What technology does it use to create bubbles?
This machine uses ultrasonic technology to activate beer ingredients such as hops and malts by accelerating their internal molecular process to create a rich aroma & a creamy foam.

What kind of wine needs to be decanted?

Young wine, heavy bodied wine and highly tannic wine. Most of the red wines get a different flavour after decanting.

Full-bodied bouquet of wine?

Decanting can smooth highly tannic and full-bodied wines, so that the taste will be more velvety and mellow, drinking it will be a more pleasurable experience.

Where did the initial idea of this products come from?
Regular bottled beer which we normally buy at the supermarket, goes through the process of pasteurisation to make it last longer, but in this process, it loses its fresh sensation. Our micro-brew is aiming at providing the original, exquisite beer flavour and experience.

How is the beer after treatment different from the original one?
After treatment, the beer becomes smooth, mellow and less bitters. It reduces alcohol sensation on your tongue, and there is less irritation in your stomach.

Do you need to buy CO2 or nitro gas cartridge?
No, there is no need to purchase CO2 or nitro gas. Our patent pending technology activates beer ingredients to create foam by using ultra sonic technology.


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The foam is just delicious...and the pouring experience is pure joy.

It fits my need perfectly. Not able to tell you how happy I am with Salestruck Wine Aerator.

We bought this device for our team, for those amazing get together's and office chill out time! This is AMAZING! We don't feel the need to go out to our usual breweries, spending so much time on the commute just to grab a fresh beer! Absolutely love this frothy and light feeling of beer!

Would definitely recommend this device for people who get together for beer and poker/game nights, team nights & just hanging out!

Any true beer lover will tell you that this product is pure genius!

Best gifting option for people who love beer!

Device does change the texture and creates microbubbles which make for a different drinking experience.

Makes my wine smoother in seconds.
Superb product !!!

Living in Bangalore, I love Draft Beers and Breweries! The device does make Beer from a Bottle taste Much Better as Promised! The option to add Foam is really amazing! We tried on Kingfisher and Budweiser, and the Beer did taste lighter and Crispier.The device is also very Light and Easy to Operate! Would recommend to all Beer Lovers as its like having a Draft Tap at Home!

Freshly brewed beer at a microbrewery tastes great when one goes out to a bar or restaurant, but this device offers a similar experience at home by activating and jazzing up bottled beer.
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