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Beer Dispenser A3 by CTON

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Beer dispenser

Rs. 2,500

List price: Rs. 5,000
  • Enjoy better taste of your pint
  • Feel the enchanted flavour and aroma
  • Create beautiful pours and creamy smooth foam
  • A perfect gift idea for a friend
  • The power of 40000 times per second.
  • Ultrasound produces full-bodied rich lather

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Beer Dispenser A3 by CTON.

Turn any beer to fresh taste of the tap. When it comes to food and drinks, there really is no”right way” to enjoy it.

Our beer dispenser is a device that features a unique ultrasound system that is activated by the flick of a single switch, this systems injects tiny bubbles into the beer as it is poured. Turns your canned beer into fresh beer from the tap, using our patent pending technology. This may sound tremendously technical for what is essentially the act of decanting liquid from one container into another.

Beer foam

About foam

This exclusive beer dispenser is a patent-pending beer system designed to change the taste and texture of your pint. It holds a standard can, yet small enough to take it for the next rooftop party.

We all know that fresh beer from the tap tastes better, and this portable beer dispenser is constructed to bring that drinking experience and flavour that you love at your home. The beer dispenser machine is like having a micro-brew in your pocket. Why drink boring beer out of a beer can, when you can turn every beer into an on-tap slice of beer-lover heaven?

How does it work?

Pouring your glass of beer with this Portable beer dispenser is a breeze. It is powered by 2 standard AA batteries (not included). Tilt your glass to 40° degrees and pull the handle forward to tap fresh beer. Finally, to add creamy foam over the beer, simply place the glass firm and push the handle backward — then enjoy!!

What technique does it use to create bubbles?

This machine uses ultrasonic technology to activate beer ingredients such as hops and malts by accelerating their internal molecular movement to create beer foam.

Where did the initial idea of this products come from?

Regular beer means canned or bottled beer which we normal buy at the supermarket. After pasteurisation, it lasts longer but loses the fresh sensation. Our dispenser is aiming at providing exquisite beer flavour and experience.

How is the beer after treatment different from the original one?

After treatment, the beer becomes smooth, mellow and less bitter. Better relive your thirst with a fresh flavour. It is healthier and more nutritious as it reduces alcohol sensation on your tongue, also there is less irritation on your stomach to help with digestion.

Do you need to buy CO2 or nitro gas cartridge?

No, there is no need to purchase CO2 or nitro gas. Our patent pending technology activates beer ingredients to create foam by using our ultra sonic technology.

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