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+91 7730971117
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#30-15-166, Dabagardens,
Visakhapatnam , Andhra Pradesh 530020

Hirawats, is a one stop store with fashion jewellery, cosmetics, exclusive sarees, women, kids and mens wear and a well known store for exclusive furnishings.

As Vizag's leading retailer, Hirawats inspires trust through innovative offerings, quality products and affordable prices that help customers achieve a better quality of life every day.

As modern retail drives fresh demand and consumption in new categories, our strategy is based on a deep understanding of Indian consumers the products they want, and making these products available in everyformat.

Sanjay Hirawat is the Managing Director of Hirawats Group. Considered a pioneer of modern retail in Vizag, Sanjay's leadership has led Hirawats emergence as Vizag's leading retailer operating multiple retail formats that cater to the entire basket of Indian consumers.


Hirawats Furnishing Studio

Hirawats Basement

Hirawtas, NAD Junction

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