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Panasonic | NanoCare-Facial-Steamer | EH - SA31

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EH - SA31
Panasonic | NanoCare-Facial-Steamer | EH - SA31

Rs. 11,995

  • Spa at home
  • Power-off autotimer
  • Movable nozzle
  • Compact & conenient

Panasonic | NanoCare-Facial-Steamer | EH - SA31

Simple 6-Minute sps

One push of a button release warm hot nano-sized ionic steam for six minute sps Simple operation allows an easy skin care on a right schedule and enables even beginners to enjoy spa treatment at home

As a makeup prime

Used before makeup, the steam softness the skin for a flawless and long lasting make up.

Wash face > Steam > Apply makeup

For deep cleansing

The steam helps to upon up pores and remove makeup, dirt and oil for deep cleansing. Even long-wear mascara slides off easily with both cleanser and steam.

Cleansing > Steam > Wash face

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