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Panasonic | Shaver | ES-SL41

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Panasonic | Shaver | ES-SL41

Rs. 4,995

  • 3 Blades
  • 12hrs. full charge
  • 100.240v
  • Multi fit arc shaped 3 blades
  • 30 mins use: 8 hrs charge

ES-SL41 Shaver

  • Multi-fit ‘arc’ 3 blade system for better contouring
  • 30° nano-edge inner blade gives the closest shave
  • Wet/dry shave with an easy to wash body

High quality wet/dry shaver, featuring a stylish easy-to-use design

  • A comfortable, close shave is essential. That’s why the ES-SL41 shaver
    engineered to perfectly follow the contours of your face. State-of-the-art
    innovative features power through stubble, while our thinnest blades
    combined with our fastest linear motor ensure you get the perfect shave.

Curved three-blade system follows the contours of your face

  • Your face has contours and curves, so if you really want a smooth shave
    all over, a conventional straight blade is not the tool for you. The ES-SL41
    shaver features a curved foil system that gets closer to your skin, even the
    tricky places, perfectly matching the contours of your face. Stubborn hairs,
    stubble and even whiskers under the chin easily lift away to reveal a fantastic
    all-over smooth finish.

Extremely sharp blades for the ultimate in precision shaving

  • To give you the sharpest shave possible, the ES-SL41 boasts a 30degrees
    nano-polished inner blade - which is a fancy way of saying that the blade has
    been sharpened to a 30degrees angle knife edge. What’s the benefit to you?
    Our nano technology produces blades so sharp that they shave right to root.
    So there is no need to go over the same spot. Not only will this cut down the
    time you spend shaving, it will also leave your skin smooth and free or irritation.

Shave dry or with lather under the shower

  • With a new design that looks similar to a conventional razor, the ES-SL41
    features a slender grip that is easy to hold whether you are shaving dry,or have
    slippery hands from lathering in the shower. This shaver is 100% waterproof,
    so can immerse it completely in the sink, shower or bath. Using shaving gel,
    you can also enjoy a wet or dry shave and then simply rinse clean under
    running water, you’re left with a shaver that’s fresh and clean and ready for its
    next use. The ‘water-run-through’ shutter even makes washing after use quick and easy.

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