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Bath Soaps & Salts

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  • An ancient secret which keeps your skin young and radiant
  • Soy protein moisturizes your skin extensively
  • Soy protein helps retain moisture for the whole day

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  • Soap will keep your skin soft and glowing forever
  • Unique property to improve complexion
  • Has advanced fairness solution

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  • Nourishing and rejuvenating your skin
  • Soft and shiny throughout the day
  • Moisturizes your Skin extensively

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Kisra Soap 68 Grams Fragrance: lemon grass Type: Beauty Soap Skin Type: All Skin ... Ideal For: Men, Women
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Kesar Soap 25 Grams A special formulation made for all types of skin. Special results in sun-burn and pigmented skin. It contains almond oil, saffron extract, coconut oil, aloevera gel & other herb gives extra polishing, fairness and shining to the skin. Wet face apply generously and rinse...
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