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Jaquar | Bath Tubs | Wellness | Whirlpools Linea Duo 190 x 160

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Jaquar | Bath Tubs | Wellness | Whirlpools Linea 190 x 160

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Wellness is a positive approach to living that begins with a conscious decision to shape a healthy lifestyle. Jaquar’s range of wellness products regenerate both body and mind.

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Jaquar Bath Tubs Wellness Whirlpools

Product Description

You can get yourself the best form of rejuvenation that relaxes your body, calms your nerves and invigorates your senses through Jaquar's superior features in a wide range of wellness products such as whirlpools, showers, steam cabins, bathtubs and spas. Aiming to present a new style of bathroom design, Jaquar's wellness products promise an unparalleled bathing experience with the highest quality standards that will leave you tingling fresh and free of stress, pressure and fatigue.


Size: 190 x 160 Smart control

Sanitation Func. Smart Control, Tmx, Chromotheriphy, Heater, 2 Technogel Head Rests & o/f Bath Tub Filler Drain Pipe

Wellness Features

wellness-feature_1.jpgThe Pmma Advantage:

Jaquar bathtubs are made of PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate) which is the highest grade
of acrylic. Among its many advantages over other cheap acrylics such as polystyrene is
that it does not turn yellow as there is no chemical reaction when it comes in contact with
water. PMMA is also scratch resistant. There is a lot of elasticity in the PMMA bathtubs. At
the bottom of the tub there is a reinforcement of 20 mm plywood covered with strong resin
and fibre. Therefore the tub doesn't develop cracks at the bottom when filled with hot water
or get damaged due to rough handling.

Air Suction Vale For Effective Whirlpool

There is an additional pipeline in the water circuit which is connected to all the water jets.
This pipeline is connected to a pump with a eating coil which sucks atmospheric air, heats it
and distributes it to each and every water jet to boost the jet pressure. More sensitive body
zones can enjoy a soft caressing whilst the power of the full hydro-massage can be used
relieve and stimulate harder parts of the body muscles.

wellness-feature_2.jpgBase Europa Kit

Stability and mechanical strength are provided by Atlas frames (Zinc-coated steel frames)
applied to all models with the exception of the normal tubs (built-in) on which the Europa base
(also made of Zinc-coated steel) can be installed as an extra option.

Safety Vacuum Breaker

JOne of the biggest safety features we have in our whirlpools which break the vacuum
at the suction point.

No Bacteria Formation, Fresh Water Everytime

The water pipes connect via v-shaped housings creating a bow which ensures the
complete drainage of any water left in the system after use. Unpleasant odours and
even worse, bacteria are thus avoided.

Environment Friendly

JThe pipes are made from special Food Grade PVC. These pipes have an anti – bacterial
coating on the inner side so that even if some drops of water stay behind after the tub is
drained, there will not be aby bacteria formation in these water droplets.

3 Tier Test

Each and every Jaquar Whirlpool goes through functional test with hot water after which it
is tested on a European test machine for EARTHING RESISTANCE, INSULATION TEST AND

Easy To Use

The digital control allows you to activate all the hydro-massage functions, to regulate
Airpool intensity. While in the manual control system it is activated by a manual controller
and the water intensity can be increased or decreased with the help of intensity controller.

3 Tier Certification

Easy To Service

All pipes are tightly connected using locking clamps, which can be easily changed.
All electronic parts can be installed and removed on site, thus making after – sales what
it should be a service.


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